Training – Week 32


Training has gone really well this week. I managed 6 sessions in all and before Saturday's session I was 91.6 Kilos so the weight is starting to come off again. It was a really tough week. I'm not sure why it seemed so hard but I thought I was going to faint at various points during the week and throw up on Saturday (The training was tough too! ;) ). Maybe the humidity has increased again as it wasn't just me that felt it.

As you can see the scooter debate was back on again but is over now as I have had no choice but to get one. It had to be done as I can't afford to rent a car on my own. I've had the scooter for a month now and I have to say I'm really enjoying it and have been everywhere on the thing. I feel a bit more like one of the locals and it's keeping me off the beer.

She did have a bit of a tantrum the other night when the rear tyre blew out but thanks to some locals for getting me and the bike home :-) I can't imagine how difficult it would have been in the UK waiting for a rescue service but here things like that are easy. Nothing is free but someone will always help or ring a friend or relative that can help. A few minutes after the blowout the bike was in the back of a truck and 5 minutes a later I was £15 lighter but home. In the UK you'd be left there to sort yourself out or probably stuck for hours.

3 Responses to Training – Week 32

  1. dad says:

    looking good, you look well too, a good effort keep it up

  2. mum :) says:

    Wow! you are looking good kid.  The weight is coming off and you are looking younger.  

  3. The Reluctant Traveller says:

    Yeah, still a long way to go. Almost half way to my goal weight though and I’ve done that without starving myself.

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