Training – Week 13 & 14

Well I’ve been recovering from a calf strain so I wasn’t able to train over the past 2 weeks. The good news is my leg is feeling better and I’m hoping to be able to start training again on Monday.

The gym don’t give refunds and I’d already paid half of the monthly training fee on the day I picked up the injury. Luckily they have put everything on hold for me so I’m in credit. I thought it will be wise to ease back into it so I went the gym this afternoon to find out if I could use the credit to pay on a session by session basis rather than as if I would be training 6 days a week. I haven’t managed to sustain that level of training since I got here so it’s highly unlikely I’ll be doing that over the next few weeks. It was nice to walk into the gym and have the trainers asking how I was. Ling Lom, who I’d had some VIP sessions with was shouting Andy, Andy from the back of the gym which made me feel like a bit of a celebrity – lol. At least they haven’t all forgotten me.

I wanted to weigh myself as well as I’d asked Aase to weigh for me when she went into the gym a few days ago and she reckoned I’d put on 6 kilos so I was a bit concerned. No need to be worried though, I was actually another kilo lighter. I have no idea how but I’m not unhappy about that so I’m currently at 96 kilos.

Hopefully I can shake off the cold I have because I’m really looking forward to getting back into things on Monday :-)

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  1. Chris says:

    Ahh – comments working now.  I see you have had a bit of a break these past few weeks.  Hopefully you can get back on track and keep injury free for a while to give you some momentum. 
    Good to hear that the weight is still coming off – keep it up.

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