Training – Week 9 and 10

Well, there's been a lack of updates and the main reason for that is I've had problems with the laptop that I only resolved last week.

Last week I trained 4 times which wasn't brilliant but this week I’ve trained 5 times including the beach session on Saturday morning :-) . It was only my second beach session since I’ve been here but the weather was fantastic and we finished with a swim in the sea afterwards. The sea was crystal clear and lovely and warm. I've still maintained the weight loss and was 98.7 kilos before Friday’s training session.

Trying to get a regular sleeping pattern is still a real problem and it didn't help staying up till 5am on a Monday watching the Swans lose 4-0 to Man City. Although saying that it doesn’t help staying out until 6am in the morning on a Saturday either :-) My knee is killing me because I slipped in the shower, My thumb is still sore from falling off my bike weeks ago and I thought I'd broken my toe when I kicked the corner of the door as I walked into the bedroom. There is no doubt that it is more bloody dangerous just being me than it is flaming kick boxing! 
Friday was a bad day. I'd been up since 1:30am so I was absolutely knackered but I was determined to train. Afterwards I couldn't have a shower because the toilet in the bungalow was blocked and overflowed when they tried to fix it. It wasn't pleasant in there I can tell you and I really stank too. I left the plumber in the room thinking it would be a quick fix with a plunger or something but came back to find him chisseling up the floor tiles to take out the toilet. The two cleaners and Ten the manageress were also in my room and I was thinking they are probably wondering what I get up to because I’d knackered another toilet but it turned out it was women’s things that caused the problem. All fixed now and room smelling of roses again :-)

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