Training Week 8 – Thought it was time I let everyone know who they were dealing with!

Monday - I went out for my first run. In the blistering heat I did a 4km run with my gym bag on my back as I intended to train when I got to the gym. As I made my way around the circuit  a couple of Thai's passing on a scooter shouted "put rocks in the bag"! After the run I decided I to train in the afternoon session as it was just too hot in the gym a 10am. While training in the afternoon I got a really bad cramp so I went for massage.


Tuesday - The cramp was so bad I couldn't train and decided to go back for another massage. This time an oil massage which improved things a little.


Wednesday - I trained at the 5pm session even though the feeling of cramp hadn't gone away. I just had to make sure I didn't kick with my left foot because that's when it started. I couldn't knee anyway due to my injury from the previous weekend :-(


I thought it was time I let everyone know who they were dealing with so wore my Swansea top to training. One of the the four brothers  (Hem) that own the gym had been away for a couple of weeks. Hem, it turned out had been in Brecon with his wife, who is Welsh so he spotted the Swansea badge straight away and shouted "Swansea City"!  A little bit later he came over and said "I support Cardiff" so I turned and jokingly aimed a kick in his direction. Must be a first for Cardiff. normally they'd bottle it but but on this occasion I knew I stood no chance.  


Thursday - I had an errand to run for Orsa in the morning to order a birthday cake for her friend. I totally forgot she was coming back that day and I had to pick her up until Aimie reminded me so I trained for and hour on my own before setting off  to the airport to pick up Orsa and her friends.


Friday - I had a VIP at 11:30, The trainer, Ling Lom, didn't turn up until 12:10 so I already had a pretty good sweat on and I've learnt midday is not the time to be training in this heat. Even so we had a good session. The VIP sessions are the best time to learn the right technique while still getting a good workout. After a shower I went up to Sup's shop for a coffee. Orsa has the car this week so I was bored and one of the fighters stopped at the shop on the way to the gym and inspired me to go to the 5pm session. My name is now Swansea City! 


Friday is western boxing day and I have chosen to do the 300 kicks and 300 knees (yes, 300! I think I said 150 somewhere before) instead of clinching and boxing. I'll join in when I've had more experience but Hem asked "Swansea City, you want to spar with me"? I politely declined. 

3 Responses to Training Week 8 – Thought it was time I let everyone know who they were dealing with!

  1. dad says:

    hem obviously wants to put swansea city on the mat.

  2. Mum says:

    There are some exercises on the web you can do to help with cramp see the link below.

  3. Nikki says:

    Hello Swansea City,
    Have you been keeping up with the Premier League over there?

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