Tsunami alert! Don’t panic it’s only in my room.

After training on Saturday I drove Dom to the airport to pick up his girlfriend Julie (ZJulee -she’s French). As Orsa gave me the keys to her car she told me go easy because she’s not sure I am actually insured to drive the car after all. Just what I wanted to hear driving in the dark with all the maniacs out here! On the way back we stopped at the market for something to eat and decided to go out for a drink later. Dom wants to be my personal trainer and introduced me to drugs at the gym (Ibuprofen). He took an interest in me from day one and to be honest I was relieved to find out he’s not gay (sorry Dom:-) ). He’s actually been pretty good with advice as he was 115 kilos himself last year and is now in the 80′s somewhere. Dom is Italian and is ere for one month and an alf. On the day he arrived I told him I was having pain in my hands and feet, hence the Ibuprofen. Pretty much everyone at the gym has been supportive of each other. He now wants me to go shares on some white powder as it’s buy 2 kilos get one free. Don’t worry though it’s only protein shake ;-)

So we decided to meet in an hour. I was on my own so I decided to go across the road to Sup’s shop and have a drink over there while I waited for him. Anyway during the time I was waiting a couple of people from the gym came by and invited me to drink with them rather than sit on my own. I’d waited over an hour for Dom so I decided to join everyone at the gym. Maybe I celebrated my weeks training a bit too much I don’t know but after a few hours, even though I could hardly walk I thought it would be a good idea to ride my bike home. By the way the Scooter debate is well and truly over. One guy training at another camp in Rawai had his leg amputated from the knee down 2 weeks ago and on Saturday one of the guys was chased by a dog and fell off his scooter. Honestly, they need to do something about the bloody dogs! It’s not just me, everyone mentions it. Orsa did say to me. Why did you try to ride your bike when you could hardly walk? A sensible question and not one I could easily answer but before I could get my feet on the pedals I’d gone arse over tit resulting in a nasty scrape on my knee and a sprained thumb so no training Monday. So far most of my injuries have occurred at the weekend and have nothing to do with training :-(

I woke up on Sunday feeling pretty worse for wear and my whole room was covered in water. The back of the toilet was leaking slowly throughout the week but something occurred between me going out Saturday and waking up Sunday that made it a whole lot worse. Don’t ask me what because I honestly don’t remember. It wasn’t me Gov! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

It’s still bloody leaking now so I’m going to have to see about changing rooms if they can’t sort it.

4 Responses to Tsunami alert! Don’t panic it’s only in my room.

  1. John Richards says:

    Those pesky dogs, I thought there was a reason why i'm more of a cat person! Glad to hear your still enjoying it, the tsunami alert scared me a little at first!
    Get your room sorted ASAP, you cant live in that. Although I highly think you did some damage to it in some way when you were drunk. Good idea avoiding the scooter, sounds like a deathtrap. Take care of yourself!

    • The Reluctant Traveller says:

      Sorry, didn’t mean to worry you. I don’t know what you mean but the toilet’s all fixed now ;-) Had to buy a new power supply for Ian’s laptop though. Lucky the laptop wasn’t on the floor. My phone is fixed as well so you can get me on Pingchat, Twitter or Skype ;-)

  2. Chris says:

    You seem to be really enjoying yourself out there!  BTW as for those pesky dogs, what about a kind of improvised pepper spray (lots of hot chillies out there – cut up and steeped in water), a quick blast from a water pistol might do the trick.  Right enough you can probably buy real pepper spray out there….  Ahhaa – you need a taser! 

    • The Reluctant Traveller says:

      I am really enjoying it so far, there’s definitely a good vibe here and I love the training. I always thought of Thailand as being expensive but if you eat the Thai food sometimes it’s hard to understand where they are making money. Of course if you stay within some of the resorts as a lot of people do then you’ll be paying a lot more and really missing out. I wouldn’t recommend staying in Patong and I think Pattaya is pretty much the same.

      I like your thinking but I’m dangerous enough on the beer. Can you imagine what I’d be writing on here if I went out on the lash with a Taser and pepper spray? You can also buy machete’s, guns and chinese stars. A few months time and I could be like Rambo running through the streets of Rawai. :-)

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