Training – Week 5

Things haven’t quite gone according to plan this week. I had to move to stay within my budget and I’d found a villa near the beach. I also got on really well with the owner so it seemed perfect, However, as I was riding home on Saturday night I was chased in the pitch black by 3 pretty nasty dogs. I never noticed them during the day as they are all pretty dosile due to the heat but at night it was quite scary. It threw me so much I was terrified at the thought of riding past them early in the morning in case I had to endure the same thing and just didn’t know how I was going to deal with it every day.

I didn’t train Monday, Tues or Wednesday but did get out and about. Monday I went to Patong with Orsa and Alex to watch Hangover 2 then we had a few beers on Bangla Road before coming home. Orsa lent me her car so I could get back to the villa safely :-) Tuesday night I was invited to a leaving dinner for Andy, one of the fighters at the gym and Wednesday Orsa and I drove him to the airport. Wednesday night we were invited to dinner by Dom who’s Italian and is also training at the gym. What with that and the meal at the Happy Elephant the previous Friday we’ve been spoilt by the Italians over the past week. Both meals were delicious and a nice change from Thai food although all the Thai food I’ve eaten has been excellent also.

During the week I’d been talking to Orsa and we’d decided to share the cost of a small room and a bungalow. That way we both have our private space but we can share the living area and cooking facilities in the bungalow whilst saving money and I can move back to the Happy elephant. I’d also felt like I was letting the owner of the villa down because he’d gone out of his way, Introducing me to the locals and showing me around the area. Once I’d told him I was moving out it was a weight off my mind and I went back to training on Thursday. As I warmed up, Sam who’s from Liverpool came over to me and said Andy had told her to give me his shin pads which was really nice of him.

I had a one on one session with a trainer on Friday and will get back into things again next week.

Apart from the training it’s been pretty busy and I’ve still maintained the weight loss. I also had my first and subsequently second foot massage. 1 hour massage costs about ¬£5 :-)

3 Responses to Training – Week 5

  1. Chris says:

    " 3 nasty dogs" – Andy, how very dare you speak of the lovely Thai women like that………………..

  2. Mum says:

    Everything seems to have worked itself out thank goodness.  Tell Orsa she will have to give us another tour now to see what your new accommodation is like.
    Dad, Sheila and I went down to Port Talbot yesterday to attend the Choir's Annual Concert it was very good and we saw lots of people we haven't seen since leaving there 23 years ago.  Also called to see Cyril and Milborough this morning as they were not at the concert, Cyril is not in the Choir anymore.  They send their love.
    We then went to lunch in Llantrisant with Carol and Alan Phillips.  

  3. Mum says:

    Just seen all your new photos, they are really good.  It is great to see the places you are visiting and the new friends you are sharing it with.  All that lovely food has made me really hungry and wanting to visit the place to taste all the different dishes available there.

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