Training – Week 4

Best weeks training so far. Managed to do 6 sessions inc 4 VIP sessions with a personal trainer.

Here's a few pictures (click here).

5 Responses to Training – Week 4

  1. Mum says:

    Hi Andrew
    These photos are the same ones you put up last week, are you trying to fool us.

  2. Andy says:

    I put the photos up but never created a post. You guys were all too quick for me. Sorry I've been off the radar a bit. Have done loads and keeping busy all the time so haven't had a chance to catch up. The move didn't turn out too well. I needed to find somewhere cheaper but underestimated how much just moving down the road would impact my training. It was a great place but the both roads leading in and out of the place had dogs running loose. During the day they were pretty dosile but at night quite vicious. It threw me off a bit and I've been really out of sorts. I felt like I was letting the owner down because he'd been really good to me but I've had no choice but to move. Sounds stupid but I was too terrified to ride or walk past them. Reminded me of that bloody Doberman I had to walk past on the way home to Nanas from school. Orsa and I are going to share the cost of a small room and a bungalow at the Happy Elephent so we both save money and get the best of both worlds. I feel a lot better now I've told the owner of the Villa. I couldn't go through that every day. Funny thing though. Orsa lent me her car so I could drive back past them. I got back to the Villa, got out of the car, looked down and there was a bloody dog. Luckily tail wagging and friendly. Same dog came up and sat by me the next day too. I guess the moral of the story is you can't tar all dogs with the same brush :-)

  3. Mum says:

    Hi Andrew
    I am glad you are back at the Happy Elephant you seemed to be enjoying all the company there. I did wonder if you were doing the right thing moving to a place on your own after enjoying the company and getting to know so many people around there.
    I would have felt the same about the dogs, in fact I do not think I could have gone down the road, you must get that fear of dogs from me.  Ian and your father do not seem to have that problem.  I remember going to a house years ago where they had three Alsatian's, I made the owner shut them in a room before I would go in.  Then one of them managed to open the door and they came bounding towards me barking, I was ill for a week after that.  
    Anyway on a happier note how did dinner at the owners house go last Friday, you have not told us about that.
    Glad your training is going well, keep it up.  We will not recognise you when you come home.

  4. dad says:

    dHi Andy,
    whats happened to skype you don't seem to be on line

  5. Andy says:

    That was another thing at the villa. I didn't have Internet access in my room either. Anyway back at the Happy Elephant now until September :-)

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