I suppose I should introduce you to the neighbours

In the Bungalow to my left is George who is the IT co-ordinator at an International school. Next door to George is someone who shall remain nameless as he is actually in Australia or so his firm believes. Again another IT person and he’s currently indoors enjoying some of what Thailand has to offer ;-) Next to the man with no name is a colleague of Georges and her husband. Oh by the way George is Australian, His colleage and her hubbie are American and the man with no name is Irish and currently living the dream :-)

On my right hand side is a girl I don’t know yet as she only moved in this morning. Then next to her is Asse, pronounced Orsa, although as she pointed out looks like the first thing that pops into everyone’s mind. Then there’s an empty Bungalow and to the right of that is a French girl who we think has had a tiff with her boyfriend and is staying there with her dog while it all blows over.

Why do I think it’s necessary to introduce them? Well Mum and Dad met most of them through the wonders of Skype on Saturday morning so I thought it only fair.

Maybe I should describe my morning….

Friday I trained in the morning but I haven’t been sleeping very well so I managed to keep myself awake until Asse, I’m starting to realise just how much pain Asse (Damn every time I write her name it looks worse, I must console the poor girl when she finally surfaces) must have gone through as a child. Anyway she who will be nameless (otherwise I’ll never get through this) offered to drive George and I to the Big C supermarket. Anyone who said it’s difficult to get hold of certain things in Thailand, well certainly in Phuket that isn’t the case and we split up for an hour whilst we all did our own thing. Having finished my shopping I headed to the rendezvous point only to find she who shall be nameless waving from within the KFC (I don’t think she’s taking this whole thing seriously). After watching her scoffing down a fillet burger that smelt insanely good we headed back to the resort where I had to get some shut eye.

As I said I haven’t been sleeping well. I was so tired I slept from about 3pm until 4am and then I was wide awake so I thought I’d Skype Mum and Dad. The Only downside to that is that it was late on Friday evening in th UK so they’d been drinking with Shiela all night. We chatted for about an hour then I logged onto Facebook and got a message from the woman with no name “Someones outside, can you see who it is”? she said. I couldn’t hear anything because the TV was blaring and I was chatting away on Skype. Eventually curiosity got the better of Asse (get over it) and she sent me another message saying “I’m going to come round to yours and pretend I’m checking if you’re training today. That way I can see who’s outside” She turned up after a couple of minutes but we still wcouldn’t make out where the noise was coming from. Although Asse (C’mon it’s getting childish now) had spotted 3 strange people looking on from Cyberspace on my laptop screen so she was no longer interested and after a brief introduction proceeded to take Mum, Dad and shiela on an impromtu tour of the resort and her room before deciding we should go for a swim and show them the pool. All of which the Cyber visitors found highly amusing and entertaining. Bear in mind that it was around 7am here and dead quiet apart from the mysterious noise, until Asse came round. I was also the only one who hadn’t been drinking so you can imagine my reaction to all this. Orsa (I’ve decided that’s what I’ll call her from now on. She’s been through enough) was now making more noise than the people that originally got her attention. So much so we’d been joined by the man with no name and his Thai friend;-) It turned out they were the one’s
making the noise by the pool earlier but were insisting that there was a party going on in my Bungalow last night. Me, the parents on Skype and the TV, some party!

Oh, I forgot to mention Maurice. He has a room here, is from the UK and comes down to the pool every now and then to make the other guys look bad. He is the only person to have been sent home from the gym. Maurice upset one of the trainers who was holding the punch bag as he practiced his kicks because he’d neglected to put any underpants on so he’s beome a bit of a legend.

Orsa is Australian and works in IT so I’ve come all this way to get my life back on track and “find myself” and I’m surrounded by flaming teachers and IT people. Can you believe it!

Also, Some people aren’t keen on having their lives revealed on other peoples blogs or Facebook pages so for the purpose of this story please change Georges name to John. As for Maurice I’m sure he’s proud of his part in all this :-)

3 Responses to I suppose I should introduce you to the neighbours

  1. Mum says:

    Yes, it was nice to meet your neighbours, but you should know by now that ringing late on a Friday night you will find Sheila, dad and I a little merry.
    Shame you have to move when your getting to know everyone there, still I  not suppose they are staying long term like you.
    By the way, thanks for the flowers, they are lovely

    • Andy says:

      Yeah it is a bummer as we've got a good bunch where I'm staying at the moment but it's always going to be like that. There's always something to do here but people are coming and going all the time. I'm tempted to stay here but I'd be home a lot sooner and I'm sure you don't want that ;-) Having said that I get on well with the owner of the villa I'm moving to so I'm sure that will be good too and it's only down the road. 

  2. guiti says:

    hi Andy
    Mum sent me the link. i then went through all your diary and photos to see what you are up to. It all sounds very interesting. Good for you reluctant Traveller and I wish you enjoy the rest of your holiday all with good and memorable experience. Love

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