Training Week 3

Not been a great week this week. I only managed to train on Monday, Thursday and Friday although something strange did happen on Wednesday.

Monday I sprained my foot kicking the pads sparring in the ring and Tuesday morning my wrists and feet were too painful to even contemplate kicking and punching. I was able to ride the bike though so I rode approx 4Km to the supermarket. Coupled with the heat and the worry of getting taken out by a truck I worked up quite a sweat. Wednesday I didn’t feel able to kick and punch again but woke feeling like I needed to do something. I tried pacing around the room in my trainers to see if my ankle was up to a run but decided instead to go out on the bike again. This is at 7.30am I hasten to add. I rode for about an hour solid. Getting off the bike and running up hills that I couldn’t ride to the top of. By the time I’d finished I’d had a good workout without the impact to my wrists and feet that kicking and punching would have had.

I started to get a bit frustrated that I can’t train every day but I’ve spoken to lots of people and they’re all going through the same thing. I just need to take it at my own pace as I’m here for a while and there’s no point pushing it so much that I injure myself so badly I can’t train at all. It’s very difficult when you get in the ring not to punch as hard as you can but I’m going to have to hold back a bit I think until my body gets used to it. Having said that I’d still lost another Kilo when I weighed on Friday before training so things are still positive and when I do train I’m coping well with the cardio side of it. I’m also eating healthier here naturally and not drinking any wine which is also helping.

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  1. Mum says:

    Well done! at least you have been doing other forms of exercise to help with the weight loss and your fitness levels. You would think that they would have alternative training sessions in the gym to help those going through this phase if it happens all the time.

  2. The Reluctant Traveller says:

    It's a Kick Boxing gym so it's not like that. They do have weights and other exercise equipment but there's not a lot you can do apart from rest and recover if you're in pain. Maybe I'm just being a pansy. I've had trouble sleeping as well because my mind has been elsewhere. Hopefully next week will be better :-)  

  3. dad says:

    Keep it going a little is better than none at all did you get your delivery ok it was signed for by PATCHNAN. Going to Wrexham Thursday for Mr Blewitts Funeral on Friday should be a big Regimental turnout

  4. Alex says:

    Sounds good about all your training and stuff. I've heard from a personal trainer that it is bad to train everyday, well not bad but it slows down the gaining muscle/losing weight process.
    What I'm doing is setting myself a weekly schedule which is gym monday, wednesday and friday, and on tuesday thursdays and some sundays i do a 3 mile run.
    But good luck and keep it up.

    • The Reluctant Traveller says:

      Yeah, you always need to take days to recover. Don’t think you will get much of that during selection training apart from weekends will you? The biggest problem I’m finding is the pain when you kick wrong or from punching the bags. Cardio wise there’s been a massive difference in just 3 weeks. You sweat so much over here though it’s difficult not to lose weight as long as you eat sensibly although it’s inevitable that I’ll plateau at some stage.

      They train here 6 days a week which is really tough going. The fighters have to run twice a day as well.

      Keep up the training. The fitter you are when you turn up then easier it will be for you (pack in the fags too!).

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