Who needs Viagra?

I’ve been up all night on Coke Zero!

I’ve had terrible trouble sleeping over the past week. My sleeping pattern is all over the place but I think I’ve realised why that is. It’s so hot over here I’ve been drinking Coke Zero like it’s going out of fashion. I’ve been doing so much Coke I don’t even know what night and day is ;-)

I’m just brewing a Coffee to trying bring me back down then just maybe I can get a good night’s sleep tonight :-)

3 Responses to Who needs Viagra?

  1. John Richards says:

    All that coke zero cannot be good for you, your living on a caffeine cloud! Get some water on the go :)

  2. Russ says:

    Hey Andy, mate of your brothers, met you at his 40th in Port Toilet.  Blog's great, keep it coming and keep up the training it'll be worth it.  How do i convince that bro of yours to do something other than drink all my wine?
    Anyway, i've been to Phuket a couple of times, if you get the chance get yourself on scuba and check out the Simililan and Surin islands, and if your training allows a night of freedom check out Suzy Wong's in the Phuket Town, trust me you'll never look at a strip club in the same way again.

    • The Reluctant Traveller says:

      Cheers Russ,

      I don’t think you’ve got any hope with the wine I’m afraid.

      Thanks for the advice. I will start venturing out a bit further once I get the first 10 Kilos out of the way (Half way there) I think the visibility isn’t too great at the moment but would like to do a scuba course later in the year.

      Mental note made for Suzy Wong’s ;-)

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