BBQ night at the gym 25-06-2011

Here's a few pictures from the BBQ night (click here).

First of all please accept my apologies for the poor quality photographs. My photography skills really need to improve and I know I need to do better. If I can I will try and plaguerise some decent shots from some others at the gym.

It was a good night. You can’t really complain for only 100 Baht (¬£2). For that we had food and entertainment.

I’ve really no idea how they make any money selling Thai food out here and why I’ve never looked at coming here before. The reason I chose to come to Thailand was primarily when I did my research that I could spend a whole month here in comparision to one week in the UK. When you compare Bournemouth to Phuket there’s only going to be one winner!

The night consisted of 4 bouts between those foolish enough to volunteer (I say foolish because these guys have only been here the same length of time as me and you’ve really no idea what level of experience people have back home. Of course the trainers try to make sure things are pretty even but you never really know and of course one kick to the knee or a broken arm could end someone’s stay here. That aside it was good entertainment and there is a lot of respect between everyone).

The first 3 bouts were pretty even in that they all battered the shit out of each other for 3 rounds and they were all judged to be draws. This was always going to be the case and had been pre-planned. In between there were displays from some of the local Thai fighters living at the gym. Fighting with sticks and The Ram Muay ritual dance which is a dance that has to be performed by every fighter before a bout.

For the final bout one of the Aussie girls took on one of the Thai guys from the gym. He was acting the goon which all the locals were lapping up and going a little bit easy on her but she wasn’t messing and everyone found it highly amusing when she knocked him down a few times. It was all in good humour but I wouldn’t have got in there with her and I don’t think there are many others that would either. Of course this time the girl was judged to be the winner to everyone’s amusement.

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  1. dad says:

    No ,comments on this lot we're all gob smacked at how bad they are, stay off the coke its addled your brain you can only improve on what was a waste of pixels.  Well done on the weight loss

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