Various pics from the weekend 17 – 19/06/2011


Here's a few pictures from the weekend (click here). Big Budha, Chalong temple, Rawai beach and various others…

I'd trained every day last week and I was pleased with that so I decided not to train on Saturday and go out and do some sightseeing instead. I walked across to Super's place opposite the hotel and asked how much a taxi to the Big Budha would cost. Super wasn't around but after a mass panic Super's sister Li (May have got that wrong) turned up in a Toyota Land Cruiser and said 1000 Baht (about £20). I had the Kindle and camera in the bag so the idea was to have a look around and maybe get something to eat and read for a while. Anyway I should know by now that's not the way things work here. The people are pretty helpful so as we drove Li explained the food there was expensive and it would probably only take me 40 mins to have a look around. I expected her to drop me off and then I'd have to ring her to come back and pick me up but she said she'd wait and take me to Chalong temple afterwards.

I had a good look around and took a few photos then when I was ready Li took me to Chalong Temple. That was good of her. She could have just driven me straight back to the hotel but instead waited almost an hour while I did the touristy thing around the temple. It's funny because when you talk to anyone local out here they all have Scooters, Cars, bungalows or whatever to rent and will try to sell it to you at every opportunity.
Consequently I now have a push bike I rented from Li on Sunday morning :-)

I really had planned on going off somewhere and just relaxing and I didn't want to go straight back to the hotel so I asked Li to drop me off at Rawai beach. This is where all the fishing boats are moored and there's a market where you can buy fresh fish then take it over to one of the restaurants to cook however you like. I bought a Kilo of tiger prawns and with steamed rice and 2 cans of Coke Zero it came to 540 Baht (£11). Happy days!

From there I walked along the pier then along the beach for a bit before stumbling across a British bar that I felt drawn to. It turned out to be a good move'ish. I got talking to someone that had their own Villa nearer the beach at a third of the price I'm currently paying. The pool is nowhere near as big but the electricity is all included and guess what? He's got a scooter, bike or car I can rent too ;-)

We arranged to meet up the next day at that same bar to go and take a look at the Villa. Anyway I was having such a good time I stayed in the bar until it closed. When I woke up on Sunday I thought how the hell did I get here? Then remembering I had to meet the guy about the villa I started to think shit, what did I do before I left the bar? I really can't remember but I know I was one of the last one's there and I've got to go down there and face any embarrassment because I need to find somewhere cheaper to stay. As I walked out of the hotel gate Li was practically waiting there for me with a push bike to rent so I hopped on and rode down to the bar not knowing what reception to expect :-( There's only one thing for it under those circumstances and that's to walk in as bold as brass and take it on the chin. It turned out I had been driven back because I was so pissed :-) They wanted to close the bar and were worried about me getting home (This place is class). From now on I am not drinking any more Chang! Some of the younger lads at the gym ended up getting tattoos after a night on Chang. One of them got "My Fathers Son" Tattooed on his arm and has been taken the piss out of all week. I'd also lost my debit card in the ATM as I hadn't removed it quickly enough after taking cash out. All in all it was a reasonably good night and I'd been introduced to quite a few people who are over here long term.

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  1. Mum says:

    Nice photos, good to see you are getting out and about.  How did you get to the places, did you get a scooter or did you use the local transport?

  2. The Reluctant Traveller says:

    I took a taxi to the Big Budha and Chalong temple and the driver waited around until I was finished :-) Then she dropped me off at the beach and I went for something to eat. After that I went for a walk and found an ex-pat bar and stayed there until I couldn't remember anything. I met someone who's got a place nearer the sea at a 3rd of the price I'm paying (inc electricity) so I'll be moving there at the end of my first month. I rented a bike to go and look at his place on Sunday but it spent most of the day in the back of his truck while he showed me around the area – lol 

  3. Chris says:

    Andys Mum – please don't read this!
    Right Andy – where are the pictures of the lady-boys you promised!??  You need to get to Pattaya for the table tennis\ping pong exhibitions I hear they are great………….. ;-)

    • The Reluctant Traveller says:

      lol – There wont be any of that. This is a respectable site. Check out my other site for that. Although, according to the younger lads at the gym you can see that sort of thing in Patong which is a bit closer :-)


  4. dad says:

    Andy,  I must be claivoiant I told you mother thats what you where doing. my
    SKYPE name is anthony.corbett7up and running

    • Little Sis says:

      Crap! Thought I had just posted a comment but can't find it!!! :-( So forgive me if I'm repeating myself if you find it somewhere else.
      Your weekend sounded great. What a fantastic place and lovely people.  A free taxi ride home after a night on the tiles.  Sweet!!!  Sounds like you have found the perfect place to get out of your tree and be safe!
      I think the whole island may know you by the end of your stay! Lol!
      Not much to report here.  Finally booked our holiday to Crete and are going a week this Friday.  Can't wait!
      Also I'm taking Mum to see Take That next week as her Birthday treat.
      Love ya lots
      H xxxx

  5. Mum says:

    OMG, I thought you had lost your debit card on the street somewhere.  Glad to hear it was the ATM machine that had gobbled it up.  Also, how did you get home?  thank goodness there are kind people in this world, they looked after you, and Andrew, you were very lucky that they did.  Keep  that in mind the next time you go out drinking alone.
    Take a picture of Super and his daughter so we can see what they look like.  Super will miss you when you move to the new accommodation next month.

  6. Nikki says:

    All quiet on the Eastern Front … was this weekend any messier than the last one?  Are you still tattoo-free?

    • The Reluctant Traveller says:

      A lot quieter and more memorable due to a more refrained alcohol intake. I can’t wait to find out how the young’ns got on in Phi Phi on Saturday. Hopefully they all got back safely. It would be pretty difficult to find space for a tattoo at the moment. I’m being eaten alive as we speak!

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