The devil sent two of his top disciples to tempt me away from the path of righteousness
The Grinch and the Grudge
The Grinch and the Grudge

It was a good attempt by the pair that call themselves The “Grinch and the Grudge“. These evil do’ers may be able to steal Christmas but they wont steal my soul. The power is strong, very strong but ultimately they are destined to fail in their quest!

I did miss training this morning due to a hangover though. Damn!

4 Responses to Temptation!

  1. Mum says:

    I was looking forward to your post in my lunch break today but there was nothing. Where is Andy I thought, I know, he is now doing four hours a day training this week so he is very tired and having a rest. Oh no, what did I see when I got home from the Theatre tonight, you missed your training this morning. Hope you do not miss it tomorrow. That is a slippery slope to go down.

    Hope you are having fun,everyone seems friendly there.

    • The Reluctant Traveller says:

      Hey, I said I missed the morning session! However, I’m only doing 1 session a day for the first week so I went to the one in the afternoon instead. Last night we went into Patong to watch 3 of the fighters from the gym and got back late so I’m doing the afternoon session again today. Next week I will start doing both sessions and see how I get on.

  2. Urnie Lockett says:

    Morning :0)

    Good to see that you are finally having fun, meeting people and making friends, but not so good that you missed your training, you know that it is going to be twice as hard today now!!

    Here it is pouring with rain and and even more rain forecast for the next 4 days, typical another weekend that can not be spent in the garden :0( But should have know as it is Royal Ascot here today.

    Hope your blisters and sunburn are now fully recovered. Can’t wait to hear about today’s training and see more pictures of you hard at work.

    Chat soon.

    Love Urnie xxxx

  3. Chris says:

    You seem to be settling in a bit too well ;-) I suppose it beats Hyper-V………….

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