Rest day

No training on Sundays. Thank god for that! 2 days in and I’ve got blisters on my feet and I look like a lobster. Why do I always do it? I never learn and I put Sun cream on too! I guess that’s what happens when your Wife’s no longer around to rub the Sun cream on your back. Another consequence of her decision that she didn’t take into account!

Had a bit of a wobble last night as it’s a shame that I’m not sharing this experience with a certain person. It’s a shame every time I do something nice and enjoyable I can’t help wondering how much nicer it would be if that person was here and how much she would genuinely enjoy it.

Anyway after an early night last night,I woke up at 5.30am and today has been good so far. I guess it’s a combination of the time difference and lack of alcohol because something’s not right. It’s not like me to be up before 11am on a Sunday. Coming to think of it, before I came over here it was pretty much a rare occurance on every day with a ‘y’ in it.

I mooched around for a bit then decided to get a coffee somewhere. Most places nearby were closed as it’s Sunday but the local shop opposite the hotel was open so I went across to get a coffee. As I walked across the road I was greeted first by the owner shouting Andy! Yeah, I’m his new best mate since I told him I could be here for a while. Funny that. He seems to be friendly with everyone to be fair. I think he told me his name is Super or maybe he was just boasting about how great he was. Outside the shop sat at the  table were 5 or six lads. I’m not sure if any of them are training at the gym but one looked familiar and said ”alright mate”? The others momentarily took their heads out of their hands and looked up. They’d had a pretty heavy night by the looks of it and the table was strewn with bottles of Magners. ”Where did you go last night” I asked? “Here” they all groaned. If there was ever a point when I was wondering if having an early night last night was the right thing to do then this was the confirmation :-)

Anyway Super wasn’t so Super. His coffee machine was off as he had to go into town so I decided to walk the route we took yesterday to the beach as there were plenty of shops and restuarants on the way. Hence the blisters.

I  thought I’d walk as far as I could and maybe as far as the coast but then the Sun came up and I remembered the Sun burn on my back. I also realised I’d gone quite far and my feet were telling me to do one because they knew they’d have to walk the same distance back. In addition to that every bit of grit was getting into my sandals which was really pissing me off. This is important to those people around me who keep telling me I should buy sandals. I like wearing trainers because they are comfortable so in future please just accept it and leave me the f@ck alone! I turned back and decided to have breakfast in a cafe on a crossroads so I could just watch the traffic going by. It’s unbelievable how many people they fit on these scooters! It’s crazy but I saw 4 on one yesterday. Mum driving with 2 kids behind and one in front. The child in the front was in between Mum’s arms drinking out of a baby’s bottle! This must be where the Imps motor cycle display team get their members from :-)

After breakfast I think I sat for 2 hours reading Michael Macintyre’s autobiography and watching the World go by and then decided to walk back and go for a swim forgetting the Sun burn.  But wait, Aha! I had a cunning plan. I’d keep my shirt on :-)  I sat in the pool, for an hour listening to the birds and just thinking about this and that and nothing much. A perfect morning / early afternoon.

9 Responses to Rest day

  1. Mum says:

    Sounds very relaxing but please remember you need lots and lots of sun block always, you will still get a good tan.
    It has been raining most of the week. Yesterday we went to a bbq near Eastbourne someone Sheila and I worked with at Merton College was 80 so his three children hired a big holiday home and put on the bbq for him and his friends and family. Met people that used to live in Merton and are friends of James’s Mum and Dad. Pity but it rained and we all had to go inside the house, good thing it had lots of space in there. We had a nice day got home about 9.00pm last night. Raining again today. There is a Tai festival on Wimbledon Common which we were thinking of going to for an hour this afternoon but maybe not in this weather.
    I told you all the people there are very friendly and they always seem so happy, not surprising with all that nice weather they get.

  2. The Reluctant Traveller says:

    I’ve been lucky over here. The days have mostly been sunny so far.

  3. glockett says:

    Need more pictures mate… A photo adds a thousand words and remember – Content is King!

    • The Reluctant Traveller says:

      You mean I’m putting all this effort into writing all this and you just want pictures!

      Pictures to come as soon as I can I promise ;-)

  4. Urnie Lockett says:

    Sounds like you are having a very relaxing Sunday.

    Before you moan, I told you to have a spare shirt to go swimming in so that you would not get burnt grrrrrrr… Still you have learn’t now :0)

    Have you had your massage yet, that will chill you out even more :0)

    It has been non stop rain here all weekend so you haven’t missed out much.

    Sounds like you are going to get through the books, so go job you have your Kindle with you.

    Loved the new pictures, please keep them coming in you are doing brill.

    Stop thinking about you know who, that is not why you have gone out there honey!

    Chat soon Love Urnie xxxx

  5. Irene Richards says:

    Hi andy!
    Thinking of you! Put up more photos when you can.
    Jealous of the weather, johns teaching me to keep up to date with you on my iPod!
    Lots of love auntie x

    • The Reluctant Traveller says:

      Thanks Irene. Just trying to find my feet before taking the camera out with me . I’ll see if one of the girls at the gym can take some photos while we’re training. I’m just about to jump in the pool to cool down :-) The only rain I’ve seen was briefly on the day I arrived. Since then it’s been lovely. Hopefully it will continue.

  6. Little Sis says:

    Hello Bro

    How’s it going today? More training?

    The weather and life is so dull around here so you’re not missing much.

    Everything sounds really lovely there. What’s the food like? I could do with getting my butt and the rest of me in shape at the mo. Need to find my motivation for exercise again!

    Been looking at the testimonials on the gyms website – you could always do the detox at the end which is what someone else did.

    Keep up the good work.

    Love ya xxx

    • The Reluctant Traveller says:

      The food is good. Plenty of variety but the Thai food is cheapest. I did some shopping today so I had a nice healthy cheese sandwich for lunch. I’ve had some nice curries but at some point I guess I’ll get fed up with the same thing all the time. Any chance of sending Dad out here to be my personal chef and chief nutritionist? :-)

      Cheer up the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I’m just bigging this place up but it’s actually as dull and boring as home. Really, no honestly, I swear! Spk later. Just about to get in the pool to cool off ;-)

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