First training session.

It’s good if you feel like throwing up isn’t it?

Turned up this morning a bit apprehensive about having to do the 3.5km run. The trainers that were around at 7.00am didn’t speak much English so it was a bit nervy to start with. A couple of the trainers helped me get my wraps on then I wandered around until I spotted someone else getting ready and asked her “does everyone do the morning run”? When she said no I thought ‘result’. Probably not a positive way to start but I haven’t slept all night and have been having problems with shin splints. I may do it at some point but after the morning training session I understand why the runs are reserved for the fighters and anyone who wants to do it rather than being compulsory for everyone.

Before the session started everyone lined up for the warm up. It was at that point I thought “F@ck me is that my feet? Someone’s pits are a bit wiffy”? That will give you some idea of the aromas wafting around the gym.

After the warm up we “the beginners” were taken off to train in our own lttle group. The trainer spoke good English and the whole thing was really enjoyable. Even though I did feel like I was going to throw up towards the end of the 2 hour session!

Funniest moment of the session. Trainer shouted hands up so I put both hands in the air as if to surrender. Of course he meant keep your guard up. Well it made everyone laugh but in the words of Del boy. What a plonker!

Once the session was over everyone went off for a shower then met up at the restuarant across from my hotel for breakfast. I’m now back in the room and intend to chill for the rest of the day. Will stick to 2 hours a day for the first week as that’s what most people have recommended.

Second funny moment of the day was one of the girls in the office taking me to the ATM on the back of her Moped – lol. Picture above

5 Responses to First training session.

  1. Urnie says:

    Hi honey, I am still giggling after reading your entry this morning :0)

    Sounds as if you are settling in well and having a good time.

    What happened to the detoxing program that you showed me for the first week?

    Can’t wait to see the pic’s.

    Chat soon

    Love Urnie xxxx

    • skacrazy says:

      I’m just waiting to see whether most people think the detox is worth it. It’s quite expensive and you wont have the energy to train so I’ll wait and see once I’ve settled in.

  2. Nikki says:

    Hey Andy,

    Glad you got there safely. This place sounds like paradise – more pics please.

    Can’t believe you’ve started training already – exhausted just reading about it.

    Looking forward to the next instalment…

    Nikki X

    • The Reluctant Traveller says:

      Cheers Nikki,

      I certainly wouldn’t swap it for London. The Thai people are really friendly and although the training is tough you can’t do any more than go at your own pace. I think I’ll be walking on air after a month!

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