Settling in


Arrived at the Happy Elephant Hotel. Decided to go for one of the Bungalows for the first month until I find my feet. It’s directly opposite the Cashew Nut restuarant and just down the road from the gym so it’s perfectly located. Seems to be a lot going on and everyone gets around on scooters. Not sure if I’ll join them though as I value my life but we’ll see.

Everyone seems really friendly so far. It has rained a few times today but it never lasted long and it is really hot over here so it dries up pretty quick. Sweating buckets and off to bed now ready for an early start :-)


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  1. glockett says:

    So mate you’ll soon start sweating off those pounds… Maybe enough for a small glass of wine at the end of the day. Glad you got there OK! Happy Elephant…

    • skacrazy says:

      It’s so hot out here you don’t even have to move to sweat off the pounds. We’re off to the beach for tomorrow’s training session as long as it doesn’t rain. The weather has been fantastic today but I was so tired from the flight I’ve slept most of the afternoon. Breakfast cost me £1.99 today for 2 x poached egg on toast with bacon, orange juice and tea. The Duck curry I had tonight was about the same too. I’ve decided I wont be drinking any wine over here, not for the first week anyway ;-)

  2. John Richards says:

    Glad you got there ok! It will be exiting to see what your first day will be like at the camp! Also, it would be handy to have a little clock on the website so we can work out where you are

    • skacrazy says:

      I thought about the clock when my phone went off at 2am :-( I was awake anyway but maybe pingchat is not such a good idea across timezones ;-)

  3. Urnie Lockett says:

    Hi ya honey, so glad that you have arrived safely.

    Missing you already.

    What’s this about “Happy Elephants” have you been drinking already ;0)

    Place sounds lovely, can’t wait for you to download your pictures for us all to see.

    Remember chill-ax before your training, their website looks like they train you pretty hard.

    Look forward to chatting soon.

    Love Urnie xxxx

  4. Julie McGuire says:

    Hey, you finally took off! By the way, Congratulations to Swansea. You’re site is good but took me ages to figure out how to post a message!
    Can we not have a before and after pictures? Cos if it works I’ll be straight over there. Have a good week and I’ll be keeping up with your progress. Most importantly, have a blast!

    • skacrazy says:

      You can but not just yet. I need to lose a few pounds before I’m brave enough to put the before pics up – lol.

    • glockett says:

      Hi Julie x Still having trouble replying to Andy’s posts? If so give me a bell and I’ll be happy to help out

      Hope your well sexpot Gwyn xxx

  5. John Richards says:

    I just found a clock! Is that new gwyn or am I blind?

  6. Little Sis says:

    Glad you got there safely. At least you should sleep well on your first night! When does all the pain start?!! xxx

    • skacrazy says:

      Pain started this morning. I’ve got a nice blister on my toe, ouch! I’ve been sleeping all afternoon so I’ll probably be up half the night again.

      • Mum says:

        Not sure what just happened I thought I sent you a reply but I cannot see it with the others. I want to know all about the place, what it’s like and how many people are there doing the same as you?
        Have a great time.

        • The Reluctant Traveller says:

          You have to submit the post then wait for it to be approved before it appears on the site. I’m not just going to let loonies like you loose on here ;-) I’m not sure how many people there are? Must be around 40 but they don’t all attend every session. Some are here long term and others just here on holiday or passing through backpacking. I haven’t really had a chance to speak in depth to anyone really but most people tend to go training then shower and eat at a local restaurant called the “Cashew Nut” as they get a discount through the gym.

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