Training Week 37

Big week this week. 7 training sessions including the beach on Saturday! Also weighed 89.4 Kilos before training on Saturday afternoon so I've finally broken through the 90 Kilo barrier     Read More »


Various pics – Out and about in Phuket.

Some pics from Rawai beach, Rawai market, Dinner with the owner at Happy Elephant & the night markets near Phuket town here…. Read More »


Various pics from the weekend 17 – 19/06/2011

Here's a few pictures from the weekend (click here). Big Budha, Chalong temple, Rawai beach and various others… I'd trained every day last week and I was pleased with that so I decided Read More »


Out now !! – Kung Fu Panda 3

Doh! The Kung Fu Panda 3  (Starring The Reluctant Traveller) Doh! The Kung Fu Panda (The Reluctant Traveller)   Release date: 8 June 2011 Running time: 3 months, 2 weeks, 4 days Director: Read More »


Settling in

Arrived at the Happy Elephant Hotel. Decided to go for one of the Bungalows for the first month until I find my feet. It’s directly opposite the Cashew Nut restuarant and just Read More »

Training – week ???

At last 5 sessions this week. Has been an absolute nightmare not being able to train due to another calf injury but got back into it last week. Still a bit nervous about the calf but happy at training 5 days, hopefully next week is ok to.

Training -Week 38

5 sessions this week. Have found it hard going for most of the week apart from Friday. Just one of those things I guess. Hopefully next week I will have more energy.

I was 89 kilos before Friday’s session and have decided not to train tomorrow as I have a slight strain in my right calf (not the same one as before). Better to rest it and continue next week than risk being out of action for a while. Especially at this point.

Training Week 37


Big week this week. 7 training sessions including the beach on Saturday! Also weighed 89.4 Kilos before training on Saturday afternoon so I've finally broken through the 90 Kilo barrier :)



Training – Week 36

It’s been incredibly hot in the gym over the past few weeks making it almost unbearable at times. The trainers have been pushing me all the way on the pads and the sweat is literally just pouring off.

I’ve set myself a target of 5 sessions every week and I completed that again this week but I really felt like I was really struggling, mainly due to the heat but also with motivation too. I’ve been trying hard to get under 90 kilos which for some reason just isn’t happening.

On Saturday I was 90.4 before training which is the same as the previous friday. With the day off on Sunday i’d expect to be around 91 at the start of next week :-(

Training -Week 35

Another good week. 5 sessions again this week and was 90.4 before training on Friday. I have added 2000 metres on the rowing machine and 30 minutes on the treadmill to my training sessions this week. Someone told me I have a kick like a Mule which I took as a compliment.

i have lost over 20 kilos and I’m still considered obese. Soon i will be back into the just overweight category which is an achievement and i think realistically I need to lose another 10 to 15 kilos.


Training – Week 34

Another good week and 5 days training. I was taking two Oxyelite pills in the morning and one in the afternoon last week but I changed to just one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I noticed my weight going down during the course of the week and I was 91.1 kilos before training on Saturday. It’s very hard to say whether the pills have made any difference to the weight loss because I know how hard I’ve trained. I suppose if they have some sort of positive effect mentally then that’s all that matters. What I did notice though was that I’d wake up at 6.30am, take two pills, then by 7.30am I was wide awake and feeling on top of the world ready for day so the caffeine in them was definitely helping. Also they definitely suppressed my appetite.

I am so close to breaking trough that 90 kilo barrier and that’s somewhere I haven’t been for a long, long time. Hopefully next week I can get there :-)

Training -Week 33

Another 5 sessions this week :-) not sure what’s happened this week though. I’ve gradually gained weight each day which I guess must be muscle but I have watched my weight. I also started taking fat burning pills (Oxyelite pro). Most people report weight loss of up to 5lb in the first week which is mainly water but the opposite seems to have happened for me. I will keep an eye on it.

Training – Week 32


Training has gone really well this week. I managed 6 sessions in all and before Saturday's session I was 91.6 Kilos so the weight is starting to come off again. It was a really tough week. I'm not sure why it seemed so hard but I thought I was going to faint at various points during the week and throw up on Saturday (The training was tough too! ;) ). Maybe the humidity has increased again as it wasn't just me that felt it.

As you can see the scooter debate was back on again but is over now as I have had no choice but to get one. It had to be done as I can't afford to rent a car on my own. I've had the scooter for a month now and I have to say I'm really enjoying it and have been everywhere on the thing. I feel a bit more like one of the locals and it's keeping me off the beer.

She did have a bit of a tantrum the other night when the rear tyre blew out but thanks to some locals for getting me and the bike home :-) I can't imagine how difficult it would have been in the UK waiting for a rescue service but here things like that are easy. Nothing is free but someone will always help or ring a friend or relative that can help. A few minutes after the blowout the bike was in the back of a truck and 5 minutes a later I was £15 lighter but home. In the UK you'd be left there to sort yourself out or probably stuck for hours.

Training – Week 30 & 31

The first two weeks of the new year and I’ve been to 5 sessions each week. Hopefully if I can continue injury free then my next goal is to get under 90 kilos very soon.

I know there haven’t been many updates but there’s still been a lot going on. I just havent had time to write about it. Friends have moved on or gone home for a while so I have no excuses now and I’m focussing on the training again. My weight has been going up and down since I pulled my calf muscle last year but I have maintained the weight loss before that which is an achievement in itself :-)

For the first time in years I didn’t put any weight on at Xmas. Basically Xmas was a non event over here. They do make a half hearted attempt to celebrate it but it’s not quite the same as Santas grotto in Epsom.

New years eve on the other hand is a really big thing and I saw probably the best fireworks display I’d ever seen in Patong. There was an incredible amount of firework going off everywhere and it was a spectacular sight along the beach. However, they had huge fireworks on sale to anyone and it’s not really funny when drunken idiots plonk a box of fireworks down beside you without securing them and light them in amongst a crowd of people. Certainly added to the excitement of the evening though and luckily nobody was hurt.

Not many posts, why?

How can the person you are closest to take everything away from you at a time when you are most vulnerable and then behave like they couldn’t care less. How can their whole family support them knowing what you brought to their life? I will never understand. Maybe they just didn’t appreciate or deserve what they had or what they achieved whilst you were part of their life. Some people need to take a good look at themselves in the mirror because everyone else understands the questions I am asking.

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